Frequently asked questions


Does it hurt?

Sports massage is applied deeper to manipulate muscles more effectively and can be uncomfortable. However, the client should always remain relaxed and should not be in pain so that it causes them to tense, therefore having little benefit.

What do I need?

All you need is an area big enough to put up a massage couch, wear loose, comfortable clothes & underwear. Please note you will be covered with a towel at all times.

What should I wear?

Some people are worried about what to wear. You will not be asked to fully undress as it is not necessary. In fact, quite a few of the techniques can be done with the client fully clothed, especially during sporting events. However, treatments are normally carried out with the client in their underwear or running shorts if preferred, with towels covering areas that are not being treated, so they are kept warm and feel more comfortable.

How often should I have a deep tissue sports massage therapy?

This depends on your individual needs, availability and budget. Once a week is a good frequency to have massage, although once any specific problem areas have improved some athletes might have a sports massage every fortnight or monthly.

Is Sports Massage just for people that do sport?

Not at all. Sport Massage, also called Soft Tissue Therapy, works on the muscles, tendons and ligaments. You can get an injury or overuse condition by using the computer, driving, gardening or straining a muscle by picking up something that was too heavy or awkward.